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Em !! Mum got me your face oil for Christmas and I’ve used it since Boxing Day and I’m shocked at how much my skin has cleared up. Since coming off the pill over 12 months ago my skin has gone into meltdown like I’m a teenager going through puberty all over again. it’s cleared up so much already and my skin is so damn sensitive. It breaks out and clogs up so easily! Well done with it. You deserve it ! It feels and SMELLS amazing! Thank you thank you!


Absolutely love this product! I have only been using it for 5 days but I'm already seeing a big improvement in my skin! Highly recommend!


I always struggled to find something to combat my acne and this has done the job! I still get a few random pimples but they don't stick around for long. I would buy this again!


I have being using Glow Elixir under my make up and it has really helped to control my oil flow which means my make up looks great all day! I would definitely recommend!


The first thing I have noticed after using Glow Elixir is how much smoother my skin looks and feels. I have always struggled with skin texture but this little bottle of gold has helped improve that with only a week of use! Love it!


I have used this face oil twice a day since I got it and it has changed my skin for the better! 10/10 would recommend!


Obsessed with this nourishing face oil! My skin has never felt or looked so smooth before! It’s my new go to face oil!


I’ve never used an oil before and was really apprehensive because I always thought oil was a bad thing but OMG! I will never go back to not having an oil in my routine! It makes my skin feel hydrated, plump and smooth!



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