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Let’s talk about Honey Skin

Honey skin is a new term here in Australia but it has been around for years in Korea. It is similar to glass skin but so much easier to achieve (yay for us lazy gals).


So, what is honey skin?

Honey skin is all about hydrated, dewy skin that is deeply plumped with nourishment. Skin that is so enriched with moisture that it literally glows and shines (just like the appearance of honey!)


How is honey skin different to glass skin?

Honey Skin is richer with super glowy hydration where skin looks enriched and super moisturised whereas Glass Skin is skin so clear and hydrated that it’s almost translucent. Glass skin focuses heavily on the texture of the skin, while the goal of Honey Skin is to have skin that looks healthy. Honey skin is easily achievable for any age or skin type.


How to get honey skin:

Honey skin is easily achievable with just 5 simple steps.

  1. Cleanse properly. Double cleansing is the best way to ensure your skin is properly cleansed and ready to soak in all those hydrating products.
  2. Follow with a deeply hydrating toner or face mist. This helps to prep your skin.
  3. Apply a deeply moisturising face oil.
  4. Layer a lotion/emulsion moisturiser
  5. Twice a week exfoliate your skin. This ensures your skin is free of dead skin cell build up allowing your hydrating products penetrate fast and deeper.


Final thoughts..

The key to achieving honey skin is face oils and hydrating cleansers/lotions that offer long lasting nourishment and hydration to get that healthy glow. We aren’t trying to achieve flawless or poreless skin, we are trying to achieve healthy skin which is why we love honey skin so much!