What the F is Glazed-Donut Skin?! – saltyskinco

So you've heard Kourtney Kardashian talk about "glazed-donut" skin, but what actually is it? how do you get it? Is it just eating a bunch of Krispy Kreme's and hoping the glaze will seep through your skin? 🍩

Sadly, to achieve glazed-donut skin you can’t just eat that 12 pack of Krispy Kreme's you just bought. It’s the use of great skincare & minimal make up. SPOILER ALERT its our new fave skincare trend and so much easier to achieve than all those million step Korean trends. 

It’s pretty simple to achieve, all you need is a brightening & hydrating serum, a glowy face oil, a tinted SPF, a hint of highlighter to accentuate your cheek bones and a glossy lip.

STEP ONE: Wash ya face (if you washed your face the night before just rinse with water or wipe over with a muslin cloth) with a milk or cream cleanser. Our NOURISH cleanser is the perfect gal for this!

STEP TWO: Serum + face oil. Once your face is clean it’s time to use a brightening & hydrating serum and then a glowy face oil to lock in that moisture and give your skin a heavy dose of glow. Our BRIGHT vitamin c serum & GLOW face oil are the perfect duo for the glazed look.

STEP THREE: Now for SPF but make sure it has a tint to it. Not only is SPF sexy and protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays it will give you a light coverage. We 💙 Ultra Violette dream screen or Invisible Zinc tinted day wear.

STEP FOUR: Time for the glaze babe. Grab your fave highlighter (liquid is best) to highlight and accentuate your cute cheek bones. ModelCo liquid highlighter is a budget fave!

STEP FIVE: LIPS 👄 pop on a glossy lip (with SPF) to finish the glazed look! Naked Sundays Glow + Go lip oil is a fave!

Your skin is now glazed to perfection and ready for the day (and to eat those donuts) 🍩

BUT WHAT ABOUT NIGHT TIME you ask! Don't worry, we've got the perfect routine for you!

STEP ONE: Double cleanse baby! Our amazing NOURISH cleanser is the one that you'll want to use!

STEP TWO: drench your skin in a hydrating mist for ultimate hydration. HYDRATE hydrating mist is the MVP of all hydrating mists, she'll penetrate deeply & quickly to hydrate your skin.

STEP THREE: While your face is still moist (soz if that's triggering to you) massage in your glowy face oil for at least 30 seconds. GLOW face oil gets her name for a reason! She is a lightweight oil that will give you a heavy dose of glow!

STEP FOUR: Spritz your hydrating mist again

STEP FIVE: Let's lock it all in with a night gel that contains hyaluronic acid to make your skin plump and bouncy. PLUMP night gel will give you the hydration you need without feeling heavy.

And that's it! That's how you can easily achieve the Glazed-Donut Skin. Do you think this is a trend you'll try? If you try it tag us in your next skin selfie!