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About Us


Salty Skin Co. was created by a very frustrated beauty therapist. Our founder, Emily, has been a beauty therapist for 11 years and in that time she struggled to find natural skincare that actually worked!  


Hi! 👋 I'm Emily, the founder of Salty Skin Co. I started Salty Skin Co. in 2020 smack bang in the middle of a pandemic! It was a bold and crazy thing to do but having my own skincare is something I wanted to do for years, so when I was forced to shut my beauty salon down it gave me a lot of time to put my dreams into practice.

I have been a beauty therapist for 11 years so I know a thing or two about skincare. I have always had an obsession with trying new products and using the best of the best but I was NEVER happy with my skin, even after spending thousands of dollars on "miracle" serums. That's when I decided to take it back to basics. I went on a mission to find the best "basic" products I could and I kept being led back to natural skincare. So that's when my natural skincare journey started.

After trialling many different brands I noticed a change in my skin, enough to finally have the confidence to go make up free (something I NEVER felt comfortable doing) so my skin was clearly loving the natural products. But I still had to use so many serums to get the results I was wanting. So being the person that I am I took matters into my own hands and developed "Glow Elixir". Finally, I had a product that did everything I wanted it too plus more!

The ideas and formulations snow balled from making Glow Elixir and I am now proud to say I have 4 products that are like magic and actually do what I promise they will!

I can’t wait for you to try and love my products! 🧡



Our aim is to give you simple & effective skincare that is powered by nature that WILL give you the results you have been dreaming of. We want to give you your skin confidence back!